Launched in September 2012, ECO Air COMPACT set new standards in the market sector. BPW developed this suspension system to take into account the speci c needs of both vehicle manufacturers and eet operators. They achieved this through a trailer assembly design which focussed on achieving the most economical running gear operation possible.

Designed for 9 tonne highway use, ECO Air COMPACT suspension is suitable for both disc and drum brakes. The suspension system is mounted on a two-part cast member, the connections of which are bolted together diagonally. Combined with the 4 points of support, guaranteeing optimum power ow, the mounting is also completely maintenance- free. The new, asymmetrical steel-rubber bush has been specially designed without any recesses and can handle all demands placed on it and contributes to lower tyre wear. The consistent load absorption as well as even deformation, ensures smooth operating and long life expectancy. This robustly designed, maintenance-free running gear considerably reduces running costs for the vehicle operator.

The ECO Air COMPACT running gear allows for trailer production at optimum
cost for vehicle manufacturers through the reduced number of versions and the lower assembly costs this entails. The ECO Air COMPACT running gear now manages with just 2 connecting pieces, 2 suspension arms and 3 air bag brackets, meaning greater exibility and even more reduced storage costs. The new two-side axle lift also reduces assembly costs by 50% compared with previous BPW air suspensions.

The new ECO Air COMPACT running gear is covered by BPW’s sought-after guarantee of 5 years unlimited mileage for on road vehicles and 3 years for off road.