· Industry regulator says firm’s director did not have the slightest understanding of how to run vehicles compliantly
· Traffic Commissioner also concerned over links to another bed company which had its licence revoked in 2013
A Batley bed firm has been refused permission to run commercial vehicles by the region’s Traffic Commissioner.

Dream Therapy Limited failed to satisfy industry regulator, Kevin Rooney, that it was fit to hold an operating licence after a public inquiry in Leeds earlier this month.

The North East of England Traffic Commissioner said the firm’s director, Hamza Ali Areshad, had not shown even the slightest understanding of what was required to operate goods vehicles compliantly – despite signing up to a number of promises around vehicle and driver safety standards.

The regulator also found Mr Areshad didn’t know how many vehicles he had applied to operate and claimed there were no links between himself and another bed company, Dreamers (GB) Ltd, which had its operating licence revoked in 2013.

After further questioning, Mr Areshad admitted that the director of Dreamers (GB) Ltd, Masood Bostan, was his father.

“The fact that Mr Bostan is his father is not automatically a negative factor although the history of that licence would naturally concern any Traffic Commissioner,” Mr Rooney remarked in a written decision.

“The point that is of greatest concern is that Mr Areshad persisted that there were no links until that position became untenable.

“Operator licensing relies on trust and trust requires openness and co-operation.”

The Traffic Commissioner told Mr Arehsad would need to demonstrate that he had learnt about running commercial vehicles if a fresh application was to be successful.

He added: “The application will also need to be characterised by openness and candour such that a traffic commissioner can be satisfied that the historic familial concerns do not persist in to the new generation.”