Aramex UK, one of the country’s leading global logistics providers catering for SMEs and e-commerce brands, is poising itself for increase demand for its services this year as the sector gears up for further growth.

According to multinational e-commerce giant Shopify, from 2021 to 2027, global e-commerce sales are projected to increase by a seismic $8 trillion, marking an annual growth rate of around 8 per cent per year.

Having directly worked with over 3700 start-ups last year and boasting 35,000 SME clients currently across the globe, Aramex has provided a one-stop logistics shop service which is entirely customisable to the requirements of their clients.

With sales in the UK alone tipped for an annual growth rate of around 7 per cent, Aramex UK aims to be at the forefront of this growth by empowering customers to navigate e-commerce’s evolving landscape by implementing flexible and robust logistics strategies as well as utilising the latest technologies and innovations to ensure a seamless flow of goods.

Most importantly, with an increasing number of e-commerce brands being established year on year as entrepreneurs seek to embrace the potential online retail has to offer, Aramex UK has tailored its offering to provide comprehensive support to emerging e-commerce brands within the UK – which behind the USA and China, is currently the third largest e-commerce market in the world.

As the e-commerce sector continues to expand at an unprecedented rate, businesses will inevitably come face to face with new hurdles with regard to fulfilment, delivery and customer satisfaction – placing them in unfamiliar waters.

Aramex UK’s Country Manager David Taylor also points towards entry into new markets outside of the USA and EU as well as ensuring compliance with local tax regulations and customs declarations as key obstacles facing e-commerce brands today.

Calling upon four decades of experience, a suite of tailored and innovative supply chain solutions along with an international presence spanning across more than 70 countries globally, Aramex UK tailored its offering to help e-commerce brands cater to the ever-increasing demand of online retail and propel their business to success in 2024 and beyond.

Providing a springboard for e-commerce brands to achieve growth, the global logistics expert offers a full end to end logistics solution that comprises a full suite of supply chain services from freight to fully integrated tracking, 3PL and 4PL, as well as HS code classification, advanced fulfilment, invoice creation, customs clearance consultancy, and carrier selection.

To deliver extra support to the SME market and emerging businesses, Aramex UK also ensures to not implement any volume caveats, credit restrictions or price limits for low volumes, enabling e-commerce brands to compete in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

With online shopping allowing businesses to expand their reach overseas to access new markets, David Taylor at Aramex UK believes that global logistics is going to play a significant role in driving forward e-commerce growth in the country.

David commented: “In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, success largely hinges on a company’s ability to adapt swiftly and deliver exceptional service to its customer base. In the coming years, we only envisage this trend continuing.

“Geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions, international trade disputes, shifting customs and tax regulations and even seismic political events such as Brexit have added layers of complexity to the seamless flow of goods across borders, and indeed present an ongoing challenge for e-commerce companies navigating global markets in 2024 and beyond.

“As consumer buying habits also continue to shift, coupled with increased demand from customers who place high value on the convenience, speed and flexibility that online purchasing provides, brands that understand the importance of flexible, agile and robust logistics will be in a better position to maintain their competitive edge and meet customer expectations.”

David continued: “In order to help our customers in the e-commerce space succeed in the coming years, we have tailored our services and operations to suit the evolving needs of the industry – enabling our customers to ultimately enhance their operational capabilities while also helping them to gain a competitive foothold in their respective marketplace.

“To succeed in breaking into new, and lucrative, international markets, businesses now more than ever require logistics partners that are not only capable of navigating complex supply chains, regulatory compliance, and diverse delivery infrastructures but also have a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of international commerce.

“Having extensive experience in working with a wide variety of e-commerce brands, we are able to leverage our extensive global network and suite of logistics services to facilitate seamless transportation and delivery of goods to new and diverse markets worldwide, helping to drive forward the new age of retail while leaving our customers to focus on the day-to-day running of their business.”