We are delighted to announce that due to our growth in Europe, the AGI Amsterdam office has relocated to much larger premises. The move will allow the team to grow the business, and increase our reach throughout mainland Europe.
The Amsterdam office, which is overseen by Matt Pritchard, specialise in European Road Freight, Air Freight & Sea Freight.

The office itself is situated just 13 km from Schiphol airport, and less than 20 km from the Port of Amsterdam. This makes AGI Amsterdam the perfect partner to offer a solution for goods that are shipped by air or sea.

The office will continue to focus on EU-EU cross trade transport, which will increase our presence across Europe. The office will also be able to provide additional support on EU-UK-EU lanes, benefitting our UK offices too.

Air Freight
The office will still offer Air Freight solutions across the global for sending a single parcel, right up to a charter flight, so no matter what your transport requirement, the office will have a solution for you!
If you are working to a tight deadline, Air Freight is often the best option for you. So contact the team with you requirements, and they will work out the best routes to take, and provide you with the very best rates possible.

Sea Freight
When it comes to Sea Freight, the office offers solutions for all FCL and LCL enquiries. And with the experience within the team, we’re sure to find the perfect solution for you!
Sea Freight is a great way to transport large volumes of cargo at once. It is also a cost-effective means of transporting your goods. So contact the Amsterdam office, and let us work on a tailor made solution for you.

Customs Clearance
Brexit added a level of complexity to goods entering and leaving the EU. The Amsterdam office is geared up to provide you with all of the relevant Customs declarations, so whether you are importing into or exporting out of the EU, from or to anywhere else in the world, the team has the experience to complete the paperwork on your behalf.

If you’re looking for a freight specialist in mainland Europe, look no further than AGI Amsterdam! To find out more about the range of transportation services call 0031 2020 52610 or e-mail the team at amsterdam@agi.global.