Huddersfield/ 19/01/2021: Jason Airey, MD of CMS SupaTrak, and Ralph Wilce, Founder of Wijs Air, have been selected as Working Party Chairs for the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality (WCRAQ).

Jason Airey, one of WCRAQ’s founders, will take over from Richard Wenham (Central Bedfordshire Council) as Chair of the Energy, Fuels and Vehicles Working Party. Jason has extensive experience in the vehicles and fuel sector.

‘I am delighted to be able to Chair the Energy, Fuels and Vehicles Working Party, and to move objectives forward to help transport operators become more sustainable,’ said Jason.

Stricter MOT testing

Ralph Wilce has become the new Chair of the Air Monitoring Working Party, taking over from Roland Leigh (Earthsense), who will become Vice-Chair for the Air Monitoring Working Party. Ralph believes that finding and eliminating high polluting vehicles is key to fast and low-cost road air quality improvement. As an active member of the international NPTI working group and at EGEA in Brussels, Ralph has raised awareness of and provided justifications for stricter MOT (PTI) emission testing being implemented in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. ‘The working parties’ cross and trans-disciplinary approaches are already helping to focus on core objectives, increase awareness, and assist policy recommendations for the All-Parliamentary Clean Air Group,’ said Ralph. Ralph hopes to introduce keynote speakers within the context of monitoring an improvement in Road Air Quality.