Microlise Group, a leading global provider of innovative technology solutions, has today announced the official launch of its upgraded Driver Hazard Warning (DHW) offering, now powered by Flare, a pioneering integration aimed at enhancing road safety for all. The upgraded DHW tool, integrated with Flare’s sophisticated alert system, represents a significant leap forward in the Group’s commitment to reducing road accidents and improving the safety of vulnerable road users (VRUs).

The Driver Hazard Warning system, enhanced by Flare, leverages real-time data to alert drivers to potential hazards in their environment, including static and dynamic road conditions, VRUs, weather conditions, and much more. This integration offers unparalleled protection against low bridge strikes, a common yet preventable issue that poses significant financial and operational challenges for transport operators.

Key features of the Group’s upgraded offering include integration with SmartPOD, automating the setup of vehicle profiles to reduce the risk of low bridge strikes; VRU protection, increasing visibility and significantly reducing the change of accidents; and enhanced visibility, providing alerts for a wide range of hazards to create a safer driving environment. The system is also subcontractor friendly, making it accessible for all drivers.

Speaking on the product enhancement, Stephen Watson, Director of Product at Microlise Group, said: “Our enhanced offering aims to minimise both financial and reputational risks associated with road accidents and bridge strikes. The integration with our SmartPOD solution ensures that vehicle profiles are automatically populated, allowing for customised alerts that cater to the specific dimensions and characteristics of each vehicle.”

By adopting the Group’s enhanced offering, Transport Operators can look forward to reduced operating costs and insurance premiums, enhanced awareness of local hazard hotspots, and increased 360-degree hazard awareness for Drivers, lowering the risk of accidents and enhancing the visibility of VRUs.

“This upgrade is reflective of our commitment to leveraging technology for the advancement of road safety” added Stephen. “By integrating Flare’s extensive network of VRUs alongside our advanced alert system, we are setting a new standard for hazard awareness on the road. We have not only upgraded our existing DHW offering but are working to revolutionise road safety and protect lives and assets in a more connected world.”